Rinox EXP interactive experience

Digital Catalogs

2019 Catalogs

The first-ever interactive and completely digital catalogs have made their remarkable debut. With the goal of innovation in mind, Rinox developed a cutting-edge catalog and application allowing for its users to live a unique and completely virtual experience. Download the free app now!

Rinox EXP app - How to

1. Download the Rinox EXP free app on iStore or Google Play.

2. Look through the digital catalog.

3. Find the interactive icons to further the digital experience

3D plan

Experience virtuality! Discover augmented reality. View architecture plans in a 3D environment.


Watch our different lifestyle or installation videos.

Rotation 360°

Visit different projects as if you are actually there!


Discover the price of each product. Find the $ icon and scan the desired product!


Discover industry tips and ideas. Be inspired by our style stories and blog articles.