Increase the value of your property thanks to your landscape design

November 25, 2017

Whether you are thinking of selling your property or you would simply like to add value to your home, landscape design is always a good option to consider. Of course, the interior of your home is important, but don’t forget that the outside of your home is the first thing that people see, hence the term: curb appeal!

The first 90 seconds in the visit of a home for sale is crucial! In these 90 seconds, potential buyers decide if they will continue with the visit of the interior of the home. This decision is made based on the exterior appearance of the home including the land, and in turn the landscape design. Since the exterior of the home must generate enough interest to proceed, it is important to showcase a beautiful landscaped lawn, to pull the potential buyer into the front door with a positive outlook.


Your landscape design can help distinguish your home from your neighbors’. After all, it is the first thing that will catch the eye of potential buyers. In many cases, future interested buyers will do the tour of the property before calling an agent to visit the inside. This is a great opportunity to create a positive first impression of your home and increase the buyers’ interest!


The exterior landscape design of a property helps emphasize the architecture of a home. It also helps to hide the little flaws, and draws attention to the greatest assets of the property.

People view flowers and plants in a positive light. To showcase your plants use beautiful retaining wall flower beds. Paved pathways using interlock pavers are another way to easily add a touch of luxury to the exterior of your home. (Check out Rinox’s landscape collection for retaining wall and interlock pavers). Be sure to keep the landscaping well maintained to make it look increasingly inviting.

Rinox landscape design interlock paver driveway

Driveway with Rinox Capri paver in Oka beige

Do not hesitate to add accessories like outdoor cushions or decorative pots, these little additions can yield big results when it is time to sell.


The outside environment is extremely important! Depending on the materials chosen, a landscaping project can add value to your property by 7 to 15%.

In choosing quality materials, you will increase the attractiveness of your property. The majority of buyers will appreciate a beautiful landscape design that requires little maintenance. Additionally, integrating an outdoor kitchen, fire pit area, and/or a waterfall will create a spectacular, dream backyard effect!

Rinox landscape design flamko firepit

Backyard with flamko firepit area and garden pathway

Your landscaping is one of the most visible aspects of your property, which is why it is so important to choose your materials wisely. It’ll be more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers, and in turn will probably sell faster! For help figuring out which pavers to choose for your project check out this blog post.

Source : Carson Arthur, Outdoor design and landscape designer.