How to choose the right stone siding for your home

February 20, 2018

Are you looking for the perfect stone siding for your home? Brick and/or stone are, without a doubt, the best choice due to its multiples advantages. Masonry products contribute to heat insulation and create tangible savings in terms of heating and air conditioning costs. When compared with other siding products, manufactured stone and brick bring an unparralelled beauty factor to your home. Not to mention, they are beautiful when compared to other siding options. (For a list of advantages for using Masonry products click here)

The being said, it can be a little difficult choosing the right masonry product for your home. Consider the architectural style of your home and of course, your personal preferences in order to make your choice. Do you prefer a product with a lot of texture or little to none? Are you looking for something to match a modern style, or something more traditional? Do you like grey tones or prefer the ligher whites and beiges? These are all good questions to ask yourself when beginning your search for the right stone siding for your home.

Discover some of our inspirations to help you in your search for the perfect stone siding.


Stone siding adds a prestigious look to your home. It enhances the value, regardless of the architectural style. Rinox manufactured stones were created to resemble the beauty of natural stone, without the high-end price tag! Some of our most popular stone siding products include :

  • Lugano – The Lugano stone is often used for a traditional, castle-style home.
    • Special tip : Use this stone on a modern architecture to add a contemporary touch to the look of your home.
Rinox Lugano stone siding - Moorecrest color

An example of a castle style home with the Lugano stone in the color Moorecrest

  • Lorado stone – The Lorado stone was created as the ultimate modern stone siding. As a result, it has long, thin, lightly textured pieces, which are perfect for today’s architectural style.

Special tip : Use wood panelling insertions for an extra modern touch to compliment the stone.

Rinox Masonry Lorado stone siding

A a modern home with the Lorado stone in Charcoal, and a wood panelling insertion.

  • Londana – The Londana stone is the perfect medium between traditional and modern! It has long, thin pieces with a strong and unique texture.
Rinox Londana stone siding

The contemporary Londana stone in the VIP color Ocean.


Furthermore, Rinox offers an amazing collection of modern and traditional bricks. Both timeless and durable, brick is an excellent choice for the exterior siding of your home. It can be used for the front, sides, or back of your home. Due to the variety of options available, Rinox brick can match any home. Here is a list of the most popular Rinox bricks :

  • Lotis: The Lotis brick is the most popular of our brick collection. Its texture resembles that of the Lorado stone mentioned above. It is beautiful used alone or on the four sides of a home as well.
Stone siding - Rinox Lotis brick

A beautiful example of a home with the Lotis brick in the charcoal color, used on all 4 sides.


Stone siding - Rinox Lotis brick charcoal

The Lotis brick as the stone siding on a modern home.

  • Romania : The Romania brick is your traditional brick siding, with a smooth finish, available in a wide variety of colors. Use this product on the front or sides of the house. It’s the perfect product for a smaller home.
Stone siding - Rinox Romania brick

The Romania stone in ash charcoal and midnight black



Finally, are you having trouble deciding? You like the look of both brick and stone? No problem! Rinox offers many options, since our collections of brick and stones match perfectly in terms of colors and textures. Due to the fact that brick is a more economical product than stone, this option will reduce the cost of the project. It will however, maintain the sophisticated appearance of your home.

There are two different ways to mix stone and brick  on a home. One way it is to mix stone and brick on the front of the home, as a design feature. The design feature often creates a unique home, different from your neighbors! In contrast, the other option is to have stone siding on the front of the home, and brick on the three sides. Save on your entire project with the second option, since stone, a slightly more expensive option, is only used on the face of the home.

Here is a list of stone and brick mixes that blend perfectly together :

Rinox stone and brick mix - Lorado and Lotis

An example of a mixed project – Lorado stone and Lotis brick


Looking for a beautiful product for the best price? Use our best selling masonry product, the Lotis/Lotis Grande stone. It is a mix of brick and stone, however it is purchased as one product only. As a result, it has the price of a majority brick home but has the final look of a prestigious home with stone.

Rinox Lotis and Lotis grande stone siding

An example of a Lotis / Lotis Grande home in almond white and charcoal

Some extra tips

Remember to choose the right material that fits within your budget, respect the look and feel of the neighborhood, and be sure to choose a stone/brick style that matches the architecture of your project. All in all, be confident in your stone siding choice because there is no wrong choice.

Most importantly, choose the product that you love, it is your home after all!

For additional inspiration, visit our masonry collection.

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