Paver Tips

Linear or modular…

December 19, 2018

Straight lines or irregular ones? Are you wondering which look to adopt for the alignment of your paver installation? There’s no wrong answer. It depends on the design concept and your personal preferences. Rinox offers many different pavers and slabs that allow for either linear or modular paver installation. In general, a linear installation is often associated to a more modern and refined look. On the other hand, a modular installation is more universal, adapting well to all styles. That being said, it is often seen that both installation techniques are used within the same project.

To define the patterns clearly, linear, like the name suggests, means installing the product with straight lines throughout. Whereas, modular means installing the product in a puzzle-like pattern.

First of all, pick the style you prefer, and we’ll guide you with the installation pattern that suits your style best. Here are some suggestions:




The Zuko Grande model represents the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional. Available in four beautiful colors, Zuko Grande is great for your landscape backyard and for your driveway.

Use the Zuko Grande in the modular pattern and combine it with a textured border, like the Avila paver, to really showcase that contemporary theme. Furthermore, try mixing different colors for a unique result.


Zuko Grande paver Ash Charcoal

Zuko Grande – Ash Charcoal and Avila paver – Midnight Black



The Aspen is a smooth textured medium sized paver/slab. Use it in a linear pattern to enhance the contemporary style. Don’t you think the Aspen linear slab is beautiful around an inground pool?

Aspen slab in Icy Grey

Aspen slab – Icy Grey



For a modern-classic blend, use the Aspen slab in a modular pattern. The smoothness of the Aspen gives it that modern look, but in contrast the modular paver installation is true to the style of a classic project. Hence the term, modern-classic.

Aspen paver in Icy Grey

Aspen paver – Icy Grey


For a more classical twist on contemporary, go for the linear pattern in the Zuko Grande product. Although a safer option, the linear installation paver will create a clean look, and the texture of the Zuko Grande product will bring home the classic style you’re looking for. It’s a timeless choice that you’re not going to regret!


Zuko Grande slab Ash Charcoal

Zuko Grande slab – Ash Charcoal




The Proma & Proma XL products are smooth in texture and large in size for the ultra-modern look. Tone it down a little by using the Proma & Proma XL in a modular pattern from the house entrance to the backyard.

Proma paver in Ash Charcoal

Proma paver – Ash Charcoal



Looking for that WOW factor? For the ultimate modern look, use the colossal sized Proma Quadra or Proma 3XL products in a linear pattern. Doing so will create a project that looks endless.


Proma Quadra slab in Ash Charcoal

Proma Quadra slab – Ash Charcoal


Hopefully, this installation pattern guide helps you decide on your preferences. The possibilities are endless. It’s all about mixing textures, sizes and paver installation patterns to create the style you’re looking for! So, if you’re still not sure what to choose, check out our blog post on how to choose the right interlock pavers for your home!