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How to dress your fireplace?

November 15, 2019

With the arrival of fall and winter at our doorstep, all we want to do is stay home and spend our spare time reading by the fire and cooking comforting meals. This time of the year can also be a great time for renovating and redecorating, don’t you think? If you’re one of the lucky ones with a fireplace in your home, or if you want to add one in your new home, this article is for you! A fireplace remains a timeless addition to any decor. Whether it’s in the dining room, living room or bedroom, a fireplace is an asset that you must not neglect. Discover how to dress your fireplace to give it character and elegance!


Clean and modern fireplace

The material you choose to cover your fireplace will help create the ambiance you’re looking for. Firstly, it’s important to determine the style you want for your decor. If you’re looking for a clean and modern look, thin stone veneer with long pieces and a smooth texture will achieve this look. This style of stone, installed as an accent surrounding an electric, natural or gas fireplace will highlight it, while remaining discreet. Additionally, the color of the stone should blend in with the rest of the interior decor to create harmony in the space.

In our Alternative Masonry Collection, the Alfio stone with its ultra-modern look and smooth texture is the perfect choice to obtain the minimalist style. Its straight lines and multi-dimensional face will add a touch of modern elegance to your fireplace.

Alfio stone in Blended Cream fireplace

Alfio stone – Blended Cream


Also available in our collection is the Nora stone. It stands out due to its light texture and clean lines. The Vanilla Beige and Moorecrest colors, inspired by nature, are the perfect representation of neutrality and minimalism.

Nora Vanilla Beige stone fireplace

Nora stone – Vanilla Beige


Contemporary and elegant

Adding decorative stones to a fireplace will automatically give it a chic and distinctive look.

If you’re looking for a crossover between modern and traditional, the Sante Fe stone is the perfect contemporary choice for your fireplace. This stone is heavily textured and creates a blended overall look for a chic design! Our most popular color is the Blended White, for a beautiful tone-on-tone effect.

Sante Fe - Icy Grey

Santa Fe stone – Icy Grey


The Sante Fe stone is installed without mortar joint. This means that there is no separation between the different stones making for a quicker installation. Consult our blog post for more information on the difference between mortar joints and no joints!


Classic and inviting

If you prefer a traditional style, opt for stones with irregular sizes that are very textured. In our collection, the Campagnard stone represents the perfect choice to create an inviting ambiance. To complete your decor, add accessories with wood accents to make the final look more inviting!

Campagnard in Amaretto fireplace

Campagnard stone – Amaretto


Another option for the classic look is the Kenya stone. It is available in the colors Charcoal, Almond White, Cappuccino and Moorecrest… all calm, natural tones for a clean and traditional appeal.

The next project highlights the Kenya stone in the Almond White color. Its many beige tones are a beautiful mix. To create an inviting decor, compliment the stone by adding accessories that are textured in light colors like beige cushions or a blanket!


Kenya in Almond White fireplace

Kenya stone – Almond White

Kenya Almond White stone Rinox for fireplace

Kenya stone -Almond White


In conclusion, a fireplace always creates a warm ambiance and brings personality to your decor. Determine the style, texture and color that you love, then find the perfect matching product from our Alternative Masonry collection. Moreover, don’t hesitate to mix different styles in one space to reflect your personal image. Whatever your style preference for your fireplace, stone siding will give your decor an elegant finishing touch. Discover our collection now and order a sample to help you choose the ideal stone for your home!