Outdoor kitchens : the new trend

May 28, 2020

During summer, our outdoor space becomes an oasis of peace combining pleasure and relaxation. Above all, it is a place to enjoy a good meal on hot a summer day. Cooking outside is also a moment of happiness that many cherish since it allows them to enjoy the beautiful weather while exercising their passion for cooking. Have you been thinking of doing an outdoor kitchen project in your backyard? Check out the next few projects and get inspired to start designing your very own.

Obviously, most homeowners have a barbecue. To create an outdoor kitchen around it, one would have to build on additional space to be able to prepare food, such as a work area and a sink.  It is important to analyze the space that these additions require and then calculate the dimensions that would be the best fit for your outdoor kitchen space!

BBQ Flamko
Flamko BBQ-Ash Charcoal

The Flamko BBQ is a mix of the Flamko wall with a countertop made with the Proma 3XL slab from our Landscape Collection. This outdoor workstation adds a modern touch and creates an inviting atmosphere! To make your project easier, the Flamko BBQ is sold as a kit so that it is easy and quick to install. Offered in Ash Charcoal, it creates a timeless look that can be matched with all colors of house siding!

Ora wall – Silver White

In our Landscape Collection, our walls can also be used in creating outdoor kitchens. For an industrial concrete look, use the Proma 3XL slab as a countertop, as seen in the above project.

Solino wall Oka beige
Solino wall – Oka Beige
Solino wall Ash Charcoal
Solino wall – Ash Charcoal

If your outside space does not allow for an outdoor kitchen, you can simply opt to redefine the landscape of your outdoor dining area! Asides from the table and the beach umbrella, many elements can be added to create an inviting and functional space.

Proma XL Silver White
Proma XL – Silver White

The project below highlights the Proma XL slab. The space is defined by the dark slab insertion to separate the dining area from the pool area. The dining area is one of utmost importance and this is an attractive way to enhance it. This alternative is ideal for those who have a small backyard, but still want to distinguish different areas.

Proma Quadra slab in Ash Charcoal
Proma Quadra – Ash Charcoal

Investing in a project such as an outdoor kitchen may seem expensive, but the choice of materials and the quality of installation will have a huge impact on the sustainability and value of your property. Our superior quality concrete products are an added value to your backyard, no matter the size of your project!

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